The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Rings For Your Wedding

Of all the things you have to do in preparation for your wedding, choosing your wedding bands is one of the most important. Symbolic of the eternal love that you and the groom-to-be share, your wedding rings will last for life, so have to be perfect.

It can be tricky picking wedding rings, especially, if you don’t have an idea of what you want. There are so many different things to think about, that it can be a little overwhelming.

To help you choose wedding rings that you and your partner love, we have put together some handy tips, below:

Narrow down your options

The first thing you need to do when thinking about the type of wedding ring you would like is narrow down your options. As you will be shopping with your partner, it’s best to discuss the type of rings you want, before hitting the shops.

Do you want your ring to match your engagement ring? Does he want the metal of his wedding band to match his watch? Are you looking for something simple or something with more style? Do you want diamonds or gemstones on the bands? These are the types of things that it’s good to discuss before you go shopping so that you both know where you stand with things.

Set a budget

While there is nothing that takes the fun out of ring shopping more than having a budget to stick to, budgets are often necessary. If you only have a certain amount to spend on your wedding bands, then it is important to discuss your budget before going shopping.

Start looking early

The earlier you start your search for your wedding bands, the better. You don’t want to be rushed into picking a wedding ring; a wedding ring is something you will wear for life, so it’s important that you love it.

As soon as you have a basic idea of the type of ring you would like, then it’s time to start shopping. Aim to give yourself at least three months for ring shopping, so that you have all the time you need to find the perfect ring. If you’ve got your mind set on a custom wedding band, then make sure to allow for extra time.

If you know that you want a wedding band that matches your engagement ring, then it’s a good idea to visit the store you got the ring from. If your partner got your ring online from a site like, have a look on there.

Mix and match

There is nothing wrong with you and your partner having mix and match wedding rings. If you want a platinum wedding band and your partner wants a gold one, there is no need to argue about it. There is no rule that says the two of you have to have weddings rings in the same metal or even the same style.

It the idea of the two of you having different rings doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you could compromise on a metal or style. Or, perhaps you could consider having wedding bands made up of two different metals – this could be an amazing effect.

Choosing your wedding rings can be tricky, especially if you and your partner don’t know what you want. Sit down together before you go ring shopping to talk it through and discuss what each of you wants from a wedding band.

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