Preparing a Hog Roast for Your Wedding: What to Consider

Planning a hog roast is a fun way to celebrate your wedding day. Roast hog with all the trimming is delicious, and the informal theme of the meal allows guests and hosts to relax and enjoy the day. Begin by determining how large the hog needs to be to serve your guests, and decide which cooking method you are using.

Preparing Your Meal

Roasting a hog can take up to a full day, depending on the method used to cook the hog. A traditional pit-roasted hog requires the greatest effort. Another option is to hire hog roast equipment or purchase a spit, which is a type of grill that allow you to turn the hog as recommended throughout the cooking process. A spit-style grill is recommended for most people, as the hog is visible during the cooking process, the temperature can be adjusted and it is easy to check the internal temperature of the meat while it is cooking.

You should also plan side dishes for the event. Depending on your personal tastes, pasta, salads, roasted vegetables, corn on the cob and potatoes are side dishes that work well with roasted hog. Consider the number of guests that are planning to attend the wedding, and choose side that can be made in advance of the wedding day.

Planning In Advance

Recommended serving sizes are a good guide to helping you determine the amount of food to cook. For instance, plan to serve 1/4 pound of meat per guest, plus 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables and other side dishes per guest. Those serving corn on the cob or potatoes should allow one whole potato or one ear of corn per guest. Hiring a caterer is also an excellent option for couples.

A caterer can roast and serve the hog, and can prepare side dishes the day of the wedding to ensure the freshest food is available for your guests. Your caterer may also provide dishes for guests, freeing you from using disposable plates or washing dishes after the big event. See more about this at The Roasting Pig’s hog roast wedding catering.

In addition to planning the hog roast and side dishes, make sure to alert guests to the style of food you are serving. Include a hog roast announcement on your invitations, and make sure to tell guests to bring wet wipes and to wear comfortable shoes. You can also provide wet wipes at each table. With some basic planning, your wedding can be a relaxed event with delicious, freshly prepared food.

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