Perfect Winter Honeymoon Destinations

While there might be a certain romance to keeping each other warm as you honeymoon in the winter, having somewhere warm and relaxing to recharge your batteries is essential. Besides, going somewhere warm while the friends and family you have left behind contend with the cold will make your special holiday that bit more special. Why shiver when you can run around on a beach somewhere hot and sunny, enjoying sumptuous food and experiencing all kinds of fun that the harsh winters seem to exclude?

More and more people are actually getting married at the end of the year just so they can escape the icy winter, and popular destinations include luxury holidays in the Maldives. We’ve come up with a short list of other great honeymoon destinations for the winter.

Bintan Island Resort

Famous for hosting Asia’s greatest golf course, Bintan Island takes under two hours to fly to from Singapore. The staff are keen to really get to know you for the duration of your stay and tend to feel more like friends by the time you leave. Your only regret will be not being able to stay there longer!

It’s ideal for honeymooners; couples are treated like royalty. The restaurant staff will make sure that your dinners are as romantic as possible.

Columbus Isle

Aside from the gorgeous rooms and the stunning beaches, the activities on Columbus Isle will certainly ensure that you and your loved one will have enough to do.

You can both go diving just 20 minutes away from the resort by boat, with dives scheduled for different times of the day. Expect to see turtles and hammerhead sharks! If diving doesn’t appeal, there’s loads of sailing to be done so you can relax while taking in the sights. If that still doesn’t cut it for you, there are loads of sporting activities to get involved in.

Cherating, Malaysia

Cherating beach provides a very intimate experience for honeymooners. Located 45 km away from the nearest city, it is remote, quiet and peaceful. The food is quite varied and the resort offers multiple cuisines from all around the world. There are themed cabaret shows every night, where your hosts will participate as enthusiastically as they do when pampering you for every day of your visit.

La Caravelle, Guadeloupe

Location, location, location; this resort scores perfectly just on this account. Placed on easily the best stretch of sand in Guadeloupe, expect to get engaged in archery, catamarans, kayaks and even trapeze!

The buffets are well stocked with a variety of salads, breads, choice entrees, foie gras and much, much more. Although families do visit with their children, couples are rarely disturbed by them and can expect to enjoy their honeymoon without any disturbance whatsoever. There’s also an aqua-gym located in the swimming pool, for those who want to shed some weight whilst having fun!

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