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A Brides Guide to Hosting the Perfect Destination Wedding


Image by Flavio Lorenzo Sanchez

The decision to host a destination wedding is not one that is taken lightly. For many brides, they feel out of their comfort zone. After all, you cannot keep making trips to your chosen destination to oversee the smallest details. Flights costs would be expensive! But, having a destination wedding is becoming more and more popular.  A lot of brides want to escape the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding. Now, it’s time to leave it in the very capable hands of your wedding coordinator.

But, you don’t have to relinquish control. You can have a perfect destination wedding. You just need to ensure that you stay organised and source the perfect location. Here are some great tips on how this can be done.

Choosing A Wedding Venue

Weddings are one time affairs in life. Even if multiple marriages are becoming increasingly common in society today, most people have elaborate parties only on one great wedding of their life. In many communities, parents spend their lifelong savings on their son or daughter’s marriage. They want to ensure that everything is perfect on such a special day for their child or for their children. Thus, the wedding event , the decoration, food, guests and arranging for their place of stay are all given prime importance during a wedding mo matter which community one belongs to.

Wedding Budgets

Not everyone can afford an opulent wedding. Everyone plans their wedding as per the financial status of their family. Many have to plan and finance their own wedding when their parents are no longer alive or they are not in a position to finance the wedding of their son or daughter. One should first plan out the budget for the wedding and then list out the different expenditures that need to be made for the wedding. The church or the religious ceremony that needs to take place has to be given prime importance. Then come the attire and trousseau of the bride and the groom. When that is taken into consideration, one then plans the venue and decorations, reception dinner and other expenditure.

Wedding Planners

Those who have no constraints and wish to have a lavish wedding for they, for their sons or daughters, are engaging the services of wedding planers. Such individuals are usually part of the community that an individual belongs to and is experienced in making all necessary arrangements for the wedding. Such an individual will take care of all bookings and arrangements and they simply plan out the expenditure and ask the family to provide them the budget.

Choosing An Opulent Venue