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4 Essential Style Tips for your Summer Wedding Outfit

If you are attending a wedding anytime soon, it is important to select the right outfit. Unlike at other gatherings, it is important to put some extra time and effort into your look – but also to tone it down a little: you do not want to outshine the bride or bridesmaids in any way, but you still want to look your best. Here are four essential style tips for your summer wedding outfit, regarding your dress, colours you’ll want to mix and match, accessories and whether to wear gloves or not (the answer is yes).

1. Find out the dress code

This is the most important thing before you start planning your outfit. If it’s a formal dress code, then the longer your dresses are, the better. For semi-formal dress codes, you can opt for shorter dresses as long as they are not too revealing. You can find a great collection of affordable sequin dresses here, that are great for the evening party. If the dress code is informal, then anything goes but keep in mind that it’s still a wedding so wear something bright and feminine to please your hosts.

2. Pick your colour

The first rule concerning mix and match shades for your outfit is that you should avoid wearing head-to-toe white at all costs. Depending on how formal the wedding is, it might be OK to wear partly white, but all-white should be reserved for the bride. Monochrome is hot this summer, so it might be a good idea to find one or two white accessories (a handbag and white gloves) and wear an all-black outfit. If you want to opt for outdoor outfits, you might want to opt for lighter colours: pastel colours are hip this year.

3. Accessorize up!

When the theme of the wedding is more traditional, the hosts probably wish for their guests to wear fancy and expensive-looking accessories. Though they don’t have to be real, you should look into wearing diamonds, a hat with feathers and some fake fur (real fur is, by and large, unacceptable these days).

4. Wear gloves

Gloves are accessories that you might not get to wear for any occasion other than a wedding. Be careful to mix and match them with sleeveless dresses though, especially if you’re wearing opera-length gloves that go up to your elbows. When you’re wearing a sleeveless dress then find something that covers your shoulders, like a cape or bolero jacket. Don’t forget the etiquette: remove your gloves when you’re eating and drinking and put them away in a cute clutch!