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An Insight Into Origami

What Is Origami?

Paper folding is an art form which is gaining immense popularity today. Many people think that origami or paper folding is a form of modern day art. However, the history of origami tells us something else. For starters, it originated in Japan quite some time ago. We are speaking about a time scale calibrated in centuries. The Chinese were the first to invent paper. However, the Japanese mastered the art of creating intricate folding using the same paper. These popular creations have varying shapes and sizes. The creativity of the artisan is put to test while they fold the paper. Typically, the origami used to be made out of a single sheet of paper. However, today we find professionals using multiple sheets to create complicated designs.

Origami As A Decorative Art Form

Origami is still being taught in some of the Japanese schools. Some people hone their paper folding skills and take it to the next level. They become professionals in this industry and gain worldwide acceptance. This is largely a decorative art form today. People deploy origami experts to make complex designs and adorn their homes and offices. Some ancient texts suggest that origami can harness positive energy and bring good luck. Originally, origami was considered as a past time in China and Japan. The monks inhabiting these countries are adept in making the best pieces of art. Creating origami and using them for life occasions is gaining widespread importance. For instance, many western weddings now feature origami creations as centerpieces.

Origami Brings Good Luck

Traditionally, origami experts made shapes of animals using paper. It included cranes and dragons because these were considered as symbols of luck and protection. Centuries ago, people exchanged origami as parting gifts. The Samurais were very particular in this practice of exchanging paper gifts. There are two aspects that determine the quality of the resultant work. They are (a) the skill of the artisan and (b) the paper being used. Both play important roles in augmenting the beauty of the origami. The origami paper is different from the conventional sheets we use on daily basis. They are much more delicate so that they can be folded easily. This actually makes the process quite complex and the artist requires high concentration levels. Colored paper when used can give a unique appeal to the creation.

Why Seek Professional Origami Creators?

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