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Hair Extensions For Trendy Styling

With the more number of people being indulged into finding out what makes them look perfect, women have an advantage over men by having a strong weapon, the hair extension. With more and more improvisation that fashion industry is providing to its customers, each day a new technique of styling is introduced. Extension is one such modern tool of styling and therefore holds a very important and a vital role in the fashion industry. Hair extensions just like hair coloring turned to be a common trend after being introduced by hot celebrities. Prior to redefining its image as a style weapon, hair extensions were used for those who were unhappy with their hair and were widely accepted by afro American people residing in the countries of Africa.

However, the modern day hair extensions are used worldwide and are widely accepted and appreciated. There are two types of hair extensions that are available, Human hair extensions and synthetic extensions. As the name suggests, human hair extensions are extensions made of real hair and synthetic extensions are artificial made up of fibers. However, both differ a lot from each other and synthetic extensions are not appreciated up to an extent as human hair extensions are. It is believed that since synthetic extensions are made up of fibers and not real hair, are unsafe and unhealthier to use. However, synthetic hair is cheaper than the human hair extensions.

Synthetic extensions are used by those people who just want a single braid and are happy with one level of density, texture and length. On the other hand human hair extensions are preferred because they can easily be colored; heat styled and gives a natural flow to the hair and so to the look.