Can’t Afford A Dream Wedding? Here’s Where You Could Make Some Savings

A dream wedding is something all us girls would love. But whenever we hear the word wedding, we often associate it with excessive cost. Instead of dreaming, we end up worrying about where all the money is going to come from and if we will need to start married life in debt. We all want to save for our futures with our new husbands, so we start scrimping on what should be our perfect day.

Even if you have exhausted all other options, one thing you don’t want to go cheap on is your wedding dress. When you visit the bridal shop, you want to know you are going to get the right dress for you. You will always remember the dress you got married in because it will appear in every one of your wedding photos. It is important you have the freedom to pick the one that is right for you. It needs to flatter your figure and match your tastes. If you are worried about costs, you may end up wearing something you later regret when you see the wedding photos.

It is very rare that anyone can remember what they ate at a wedding. It is even more rare to find photographs of wedding food! Go with the buffet if it saves you enough cash to get the dress of your dreams. If you don’t have friends in the catering industry, you can still shop around to find the right people to help you with your wedding. Of course, the cake will be one of the star attractions of your wedding reception, so be sure to get what you want here too. Traditionally, one of the grandmothers would bake it and decorate it. That would be their wedding gift. Perhaps someone in your family is equally talented?

Wedding shoes can be quite expensive, but they are rarely seen because most of us choose a full-length dress. Going for cheap and cheerful may never be noticed, so cut back here to add more bucks to your dress fund. An area where you definitely don’t want to buy budget is your wedding lingerie. Like the dress, you need to buy what is absolutely right for you, so no scrimping here. Bouquets can be done beautifully on a budget with a few friends and some silk flowers. They last forever so you can keep them as mementos.

When it comes to cutting back and saving where you can, most people naturally look to the big expense first – the wedding venue. Some are licenced to perform the ceremony, others are just reception venues. This is a tough one to decide on because it will appear in your photos, and it will be memorable as you will be spending all evening there. Inviting fewer guests means you can hire a smaller venue, saving money. Hiring an all-in-one venue could also save a few, but this doesn’t work if you are having a religious ceremony. Don’t deny yourself a beautiful day but weighing up your priorities will help save you from debt doing it.

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