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Preparing a Hog Roast for Your Wedding: What to Consider

Planning a hog roast is a fun way to celebrate your wedding day. Roast hog with all the trimming is delicious, and the informal theme of the meal allows guests and hosts to relax and enjoy the day. Begin by determining how large the hog needs to be to serve your guests, and decide which cooking method you are using.

Finding Unique Musicians For Your Wedding

Selecting the music for your wedding may be one of the more challenging yet fun aspects of wedding planning. However, it also is among the most important aspects of planning a great wedding. Music can set the tone of your event, and when music is too loud, too depressing or otherwise unpleasant in some way, it can make your festive affair a dismal one. More than that, the music that you select can add a touch of individuality and personalization to your event. You can begin making your decision about which musicians or entertainers to hire for your event by focusing on these important points.