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Your Wedding List, a Few Things You Might Not Have Considered, Such as a Wedding Band

Often couples will discuss many of the things they need for their wedding day, such as catering arrangements, flowers and more. One thing they probably don’t think to much about is their reception. Whilst it can be fun organising the venue for your wedding, the car that will take you there and generally the fairytale atmosphere, often what your guests will be most looking forward to is the evening part. With that in mind here are a few things you might not have though about when it comes to your evening reception.

Stratford Upon Avon And The Beautiful Countryside of Warwickshire

If your going around the UK, you’ll find many hidden treasures when it comes to places to visit. There is the south and its heavy seas, the metropolis of London and the Northern moors that lead to the mountainous highlands of Scotland but one area that is definitely worth dedicating your time to is Warwickshire and the areas of Stratford Upon Avon.

Based in the Midlands and amongst some great countryside lies Stratford Upon Avon, This is ideally situated for travelling anywhere around the UK and is a great route through the centre of the UK, with all of it’s stunning views. In the area of Stratford Upon Avon you will find many museums dedicated to William Shakespeare. The reason for the interest in Shakespeare is that Warwickshire is known as ‘Shakespeare’s Country’ and Stratford is famous for the performances of some of his finest works. During your trip to this beautiful countryside setting you will be able to catch many of these different plays, redone and performed by some great entertainers.