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Little Ways To Help Fund Your Dream Wedding

There was a time when the ‘average’ UK wedding tipped the scales at the £20,000 mark, but recent estimations show that brides in 2013 are more likely to be frugal with their wedding plans, with the average UK wedding this year totting up to £16,164. Whether this is a result of the current economic climate or because it is now so much easier to source and compare prices on a range of services and products online, it will be a relief for many brides to be to see the downward trend.

Of course there is no magic figure when it comes to weddings, and the actual amount spent by couples this year will vary greatly, with each celebrating their big day in their own special way. However, when it comes to the big day no bride wants to feel like she has had to scrimp, so if you’d like to raise some extra cash to make your wedding absolutely perfect, here are a few little ways.

  1. Set up a separate bank account: With the trend for online banking, having our cash in our own accounts can be just too dangerous. While it makes sense to move some money into our ISA or other savings account to go towards the wedding, it can be all too tempting to move it back if money’s short one month. By setting up an account in joint names, it will be much more difficult to access that money, and much easier to see just how much you have saved.
  1. Increasing your income: There are a number of ways to successfully increase your income, including asking for overtime if your company offers it. You could also try moonlighting, either with a work from home job in the evening or by getting a second job outside the home. One easy way to boost your income, which many people overlook, is to ask for a raise in your current job. It might seem a little cheeky, but if you have been there for some time and haven’t had one for a while, the worst they can say is ‘no’!
  1. Sell unwanted goods: From online auctions to Facebook groups, there are many ways to get rid of your old goods for cash. One way to get rid of old clothes is with an online buying service. Simply Google “sell my clothes for cash”, and you’ll find a number of providers who will weigh in your old rags and offer you a cash payment in exchange.
  1. Sponsorship: Sponsorship in the loosest sense of the term involves friends and family members ‘sponsoring’ part of the wedding. In essence, they pay for a discreet part of your big day (such as the cake, decorations or dress) in lieu of buying you a gift. Corporate sponsorship is possible too, so ask vendors if they would give you a discount on the cost of their services if you allow them to advertise at the event.
  1. Bartering: One final tactic to mention is bartering. If you or your hubby-to-be have skills, whether they are website development, personal training, plumbing or manicures, see if you can bag some bargains on your big day by trading your services for those of other people!